Saturday, May 23, 2015


Today was two or our granddaughter's piano recitals. These are the two of them. They did a great job. They each played two solos.
 Here is a photo of them before playing. The cute little one on the end is their younger sister. She was snoopy about who was doing what behind her.  She doesn't smile on cue anyway. It's beneath her to smile on demand. She smiles plenty often, but only when something is actually funny. Why would  someone smile when they are bored? It just doesn't make sense.
 This is a picture of the whole family. BUT...because I am my mother's daughter I cut someone's head off! Sorry Max. (Almost every photo Mom ever took had people standing there, smiling with, only partial heads.)
 And so I tried again, only slightly cutting his head off, but cutting our daughter in half. Yup, cutting people's head's off and cutting people in half--it's in the genes.
 Here they are--all body parts accounted for. Although Hillary is done, done, done posing for photos, as is the little one too.
 So, then I asked our youngest daughter to take three photos of us, the proud grandparents, to use my camera to take a picture with the three girls. This is the ONLY one she got. She got all the photo taking genes from my mother and me. Oh my.

Here we are at the recital. Phil is attentive, I'm interested in what Hillary is doing--taking our pictures. Elizabeth is doing what, I don't know, smirking, I think. And the little one, is not smiling for sure but is looking like the cat that ate the canary. 

And Hillary DID get a photo of us with the grandkids, while Elizabeth was doing who-know-what (not pushing the proper button on the camera, that's for sure). Here we are with the darling grandkids. We love them with all our hearts.


We went to our grandson's jazz band performance on Thursday night but I forgot my camera so I couldn't take a photo of him--he's lucky, I think. Who knows how I would have messed up. He had three solos and did a wonderful job. They are playing at his sister's high school graduation next week so I can try again. But, I will be half a block away and the telephoto lens can only do so much.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Phil and I gave our family room furniture away to one of our kids, and loaned out one of our recliners to someone who has had shoulder surgery. There is really no place to sit in the family room except some dining room chairs we bought years ago when we thought we'd remodel and make a big dining room.
They are not comfortable TV watching chairs. I'm not sure they are even comfortable dining room chairs. Aaand we bought 12 of them. We like to have plenty of whatever it is--just like my mom. (If anyone in town needed something odd, they came to mom and she usually had one of whatever they wanted, sometimes two or three.)

We put a TV in Elizabeth's old room and now we snuggle together on a small couch, sometimes under a quilt. 

This quilt is one I made for my mom about 35 years ago and, even though its faded, I love it because it was hers and because she added the blue side panels, because it was too narrow. She has been gone 28 years, in June. I miss her every day.

There is a little heater in there too, because if its winter, I'm cold. If its summer, I'm hot. I have a great little system worked out:(

The other night Phil and I watched a CES Devotional by Randall Ridd. It was excellent. (Click here to watch or read it) He told a captivating story about oranges and why one man was promoted and another was not. Soon after that story I fell asleep. When I woke up I told Phil this was my favorite things to do, snuggle with him, holding hands, etc., watching TV together. I was waxing romantic and then he said...

"You snored."

I laughed until I couldn't hardly catch a breath. I guess if you can't have a romantic husband you should be happy with your honest one.